Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chopper Tattoo Number One For A Reason

One of the websites that I always visit often is Chopper Tattoos and for a very good reason and that is price and selection. They always seem to be updating their website and they have the coolest designs around.

I know if you are looking for some great tattoo designs and really do not know what direction you want to go in head over to Chopper Tattoos and check out the selection that they offer you will not be disappointed at all. Get over their now and you will see why this site continues to grow among many people in the tattoo world.

Lily Allen Planning On Getting A Shut Up Tattoo

It seems that lily Allen sometimes does not know when to keep quiet according to her and one way to stop that is by getting a shut up tattoo. The 'Fear' singer claims she needs a permanent reminder of the perils of voicing her opinions. She said: "In fact I'm getting a tattoo on my wrist that says, 'Shut up!' Perhaps it will remind me to keep my mouth shut when I shouldn't say certain things - that might make my life easier."

The 23-year-old singer hopes if she can learn not to reveal the intimate details of her life people will stop being so interested in her. Do not count on that Lily as if you are in the public eye it seems everyone thinks you are fair game, but a tattoo is a very nice idea that we really like here at tattoo news.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Henna Tattoos How To'sh

Henna tattoos are very popular these days and I get many emails about them and i thought I would post some articles and some videos on the blog about them. I will be updating this blog more often now so look for more fresh content all the time for my readers.